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Water Treatment Pulse Power

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Pulse Power Water treatment Power supply

Pulse Power Water treatment Power supply is device for generating a strong UV through UV lamp, sterilize the microbe and bacteria in water. This power supply improve sterilized efficiency based on pulse power technology.

The water treatment system’s application area are industrial wastewater and water purifier by pulse power technology. Especially, PSTEK’s application is BWMS(Ballast Water Management System), PSTEK’s product perform sterilizing the biological materials in ballast water through exposing pulse light.


○ High output in instant
    It is generating UV in short time(micro second time), and provide strong sterilization owing
    to high output in instant. This output power is similar to 10,000 times of low temperature
    mercury lamp power supply.
○ Perform of large range sterilization
    It is compared with low-temperature mercury lamp power supply, more provide strong
    output power and highly valid sterilized distance, therefore it is performed large range

○ Reduce lamp quantity
    It is enlarged water treatment function to each lamp, so do not need lots of lamp quantity.
    It is able to reach high sterilizing efficiency using less lamp quantity than low temperature
    mercury lamp power supply. therefore it is able to reduce lamp quantity and it is easy to


Pulse power water treatment product is using for BWMS(Ballast Water Management System)


BWMS means is Ballast Water Management System, ballast water.
A vessel (cruise ships, large tankers, and bulk cargo carriers etc) use a huge amount of ballast water, which is often taken on in the coastal waters in one region after ships discharge wastewater or unload cargo, and discharged at the next port of call, wherever more cargo is loaded. Ballast water discharge typically contains a variety of biological materials, including plants, animals, viruses, and bacteria. These materials often include non-native, nuisance,
invasive, exotic species that can cause extensive ecological and economic damage to aquatic ecosystems along with serious human health problems. Therefore vessel need to install ballast water management system in order to sterilize the biological material in ballast water. Following the IMO (International Maritime Organization)agreement, a new vessel have to install BWMS.

Ballast water in vessel

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